UTICA® Solar Home System 300-60

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UTICA® Solar Home System 300-60

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UTICA® Solar Home System 300-60

  • Price:SGD $1,446.00

Quality guaranteed with 12 months performance warranty. Images are for illustration purposes only. End product may differ from website and brochure.

  • SGD $1,446.00

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  • Powered by solar energy, no AC or DC power needed
  • Environmental-friendly products, high energy conversion rate
  • Easy installation
  • DC load: Mobile phone charging, MP3,MP4, Ipad , DC lamp, DC fan, DC TV etc
  • AC load: PC, Led TV, Fan, Lamps, etc

Equipment and Components

Genuine quality equipment and components with guaranteed energy performance (*Terms & Conditions Apply):

Solar Panel: 18V, 60W (Poly-crystalline)
Battery: 12V, 38AH AGM battery
Controller: 12V, 10A
Inverter: 300W (pure sine wave,can charge 300 loads)
Led lamps : 1W*2pcs+(3W+5W)*1pcs(with 5m cable,switch and E27 lamp holder)
Mobile phone charger: 1 set (5 kinds of different models)
DC output: 3.3V+5V+8.4V+12V
AC output: 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz can be selected on the inverter module
Size of the system case: 382 x 227 x 370mm
Size of the solar panel: 945 x 515 x 25mm
Weight of the system case: 20kg
Weigh of the solar panel: 6.78kg
Fully charging time:8-9 hours(under standard solar radiation)
Full battery capacity: about 350 WH
Using time for 1W*2pcs+(3W+5W)*1pcs LED lamp after fully charged: 35hours
Using time for 70W TV after fully charged:5h
Using time for 300W PC after fully charged:1h

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