16m² Roof Surface Area Required For UTICA® Douglas Bi-Power 2500

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16m² Roof Surface Area Required For UTICA® Douglas Bi-Power 2500

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16m² Roof Surface Area Required For UTICA® Douglas Bi-Power 2500

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  • SGD $12,629.00

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technical details

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Hybrid Inverter

Technical Data:  3.0K
DC Input(PV)
Max. DC input power(W): 3300
Max. DC input power(V): 550
MPPT range(V): 120-450
Max. input current(A): 13

AC output 1(Grid)
Rated power(W): 3000
Rated grid voltage(V) / Frequency(Hz): 208/220/230/240(single phase) / 50/60
Rated output current(A): 13
Max. efficiency / Euro-efficiency: 97.2%/96.5%

AC output 2(Load)
Rated outout power(VA): 3000
Rated output voltage(V) / frequency(Hz): 208/220/230/240(±2%) / 50/60(±2%)
Off-network switching time (ms): ≤10


Technical Data: 2.4kwh
Rated voltag (V) / range(V): 48/42-58
Battery type: Lithium battery

Max. charging(A) / discharging current(settable)(A): 60/60
Max. efficiency: 94%

Invrter dimention: 610 x 425 x 190mm
Inverter weight: 19kg

Battery dimention: 440 x 410 x 89mm
Battery weight: 24kg


  • 16m² Roof Surface Area Required
  • Estimated Output 9.2kWh/Day
  • Off grid power supply for places with lack of electricity or unstable utility, or remote area without access to AC electricity;
  • Backup power supply for hospital, bank, school, church, temple, etc;
  • Power supply for small business activity;
  • UPS for typical application required uninterrupted power supply;
  • Outdoor power supply for lighting, cooking, recreation, farming, fishing, etc

Equipment and Components

Genuine Quality Equipment and Components with Guaranteed Energy Performance

Solar Panel: 320Wp
Total Estimated Area for Solar Panels: 16m²
Panel Size: 1675 x 997 x 38mm
Power Rating Pumpp(Wp): 320W – 8pcs
Rated Current Impp(A): 9.45
Rating Voltage Vmpp(V): 33.9

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