For UTICA® MPG-600 Solar Socket System. Grid-Tied Connection 600 Watt Panel Photovoltaic Modules.

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For UTICA® MPG-600 Solar Socket System. Grid-Tied Connection 600 Watt Panel Photovoltaic Modules.


600Wp/ 3m² Surface Area at East or West Sunlight Facing on Balcony or Behind Windows For UTICA® MPG-600 Micro Socket. Grid-Tied Connection 600 Watt Panel Photovoltaic Modules.

  • Price:SGD $4,300.00

Quality guaranteed with 5 years performance warranty. Images are for illustration purposes only. End product may differ from website and brochure. Please click here to view our photos profile.


Do-It-Yourself (1 Person Installer) Support Package Includes: 90 minutes of off-site technical installation support via WhatsApp/ WeChat or Skype, schematic drawing, solar panels, PV inverters, structures for solar panels, standard cables and accessories for home solar power generation.

  • SGD $4,300.00

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About This Product

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1) Anti LID and Anti PID solar modules avoid power loss due to degradation (LID, PID).
2) Industry-leading low claims rate of product quality and reliability are backed by low claims rate.
3) Sustainable productions, sustainable products.
4) Solar panel recycling to ensure all products are durable and recyclable.
5) UTICA's solar energy systems can help you to achieve over 20% more power than conventional PV systems.


  • 5 years warranty for quality & performance
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Easy commissioning with the “Quick Configuration Guide”
  • Complete on-grid management
  • Scalable solar module connections

Equipment and Components

Genuine Quality Equipment and Components with Guaranteed Energy Performance

Total Estimated Area for Solar Panel: 3m²
System Capacity: 600Wp
Nominal Power (Wp): 600Wp
Micro Inverter: 600W
Rated Output Voltage Range: 230/184-265VAC
UTICA® Solar Protective Fuse
1000VDC 15A
UTICA® DC Switch Disconnector
1000VDC 32A
UTICA® Surge Protective Device
1000VDC 40KVA


Solar Panel 100Wp: 6units, Size: 770 x 671 x 25mm, Weight: 5.4kg/unit
Micro Inverter 600W: 1unit, Size: 212 x 229 x 40mm, Weight:  3.5kg
Fuse 15A 1000VDC : 1pc, Size: 80 x 36 x 77mm, Weight: 0.5kg
DC SPD 1000VDC 2P: 1pc, Size: 81 x 54 x 68mm, Weight: 0.5kg
DC 32A Switch Disconnector: 1pc, Size: 100 x 100 x 80mm, Weight: 0.5kg
Cable: 10m
Mid Clamp: 8sets
End Clamp: 8sets
Aluminum Rail (2000mm): 4sets
(Estimated, subjected to changes)

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